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Slab Concrete Crack Waterproof Repair Sealant (400g) Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Slab Concrete Crack Waterproof Repair Sealant (400g) Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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  • The concrete crack filler creates a strong bond that withstands heavy traffic, weathering, and expansion/contraction movements. Magic crack filler for concrete ensures a tight and permanent seal for long-lasting results.


  • ※【 Easy to Use】:Use a brush to evenly and thinly apply glue to the surface of tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, cement, etc. wait for The waterproof agent to completely dry before applying it again. Concrete Sealer-- Gray Concrete Patch is easy application.

  • ※【Tough and Weather-Resistant】: Our concrete sealant offers excellent resistance to chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. It maintains its integrity and performance, ensuring a long lifespan and reducing the need for frequent repairs. Whether you need to repair small cracks or larger areas, our concrete waterproof repair sealant is the perfect choice.

  • ※【Flexible Waterproof 】 : The concrete crack filler accommodates the natural movement of concrete, remaining flexible to prevent future cracking. The concrete glue forms a watertight barrier that effectively protects against moisture penetration, preventing further damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles and water-related issues.

  • ※【Versatile Application 】:The concrete caulking is suitable for various concrete surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and more, effectively repairing cracks of different sizes and depths. Caulking Glue for Concrete, for Roof, Wall and Ground Repair is your ideal choose.
  1. Product Type - Cream
  2. Combo/Set Of: Pack of 2
  3. Weight: 400gram


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